FAQs about Orthodontic Treatments
By Wermerson Orthodontics
February 21, 2020
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Here at Wermerson Orthodontics in Sioux Falls, SD, your orthodontist, Dr. Chris Wermerson, and his dedicated staff love improving orthodontic treatmentspatients' through a variety of teeth-straightening methods. Read on to learn more about orthodontic care and what our team can do for you.


What is the best age to receive braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) says that all children should receive an evaluation by an orthodontist by the age of seven. This is because at a younger age, bone structure is more malleable, thus avoiding or reducing the time orthodontic treatment takes. That being said, teens, adults, and even seniors can still straighten their crooked smiles at any age if their oral health is strong.


What kinds of appliances are available?

At our office in Sioux Falls, SD, your orthodontist offers traditional braces (made of metal or ceramic), and removable Invisalign aligners. Your complete in-office exam and digital screening will confirm the options right for your particular case.


What kinds of problems do braces treat?

Braces balance bites, close gaps, open up crowded teeth, correct tooth rotation, and more. All orthodontic correction also works to eliminate jaw and facial pain, allow for clearer speech, and improve the efficiency of biting and chewing.


How long will my treatment plan take?

Treatment plans vary from case to case. However, in general, Invisalign aligners correct smile problems more quickly (in about a year) than metal or ceramic braces (two to two and a half years on average).


What's a straight smile worth?

Only you can answer that question, but if you're like most people, you know that a straight smile is also healthy and confident. To learn more about braces and what they can do for you, contact Dr. Chris Wermerson and his staff at Wermerson Orthodontics in Sioux Falls, SD. Call either our office in South Cliff Avenue or our location in West 26th Street at (605) 274-0555.

Dr. Chris Wermerson, DMD, MS
Wermerson Orthodontics

Wermerson Orthodontics is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics

Dr. Wermerson is a Board Certified Orthodontist and member of the AAO, which has 17,000 members in the United States, Canada and abroad. Orthodontists are uniquely qualified specialists who correct improperly aligned teeth and jaws (bad bites).  They receive an additional two to three years of specialized education beyond dental school to learn the proper way to align and straighten teeth.  Only those with this formal education may call themselves “orthodontists,” and only orthodontists are eligible for membership in the AAO.  Visit the AAO online at www.mylifemysmile.org.


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