Proper Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment
By Wermerson Orthodontics Prof. LLC
September 15, 2021
Category: Oral Health

Oral hygiene forms an integral part of overall body hygiene and health. When you get braces or aligners on your teeth, it becomes difficult to clean the teeth. But that makes it even more important to follow a meticulous oral hygiene practice. A sticky film called plaque forms on the tooth, and it contains bacteria. Frequent brushing can remove this plaque, and if not removed, it harms the teeth and gums. Dr. Chris Wermerson of Wermerson Orthodontics, who is a specialist in Orthodontics in Sioux Falls, SD, says oral hygiene in this period is a factor that can't be overlooked.

Orthodontics in Sioux Falls, SD

Brushing should be done using either a soft-bristle toothbrush or bi-level brush which has shorter bristles in the middle and longer ones in the edges. It is ideal to brush 3 times a day when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Brushing should cover all surfaces of the tooth but the act of brushing shouldn't dislodge the braces. An electric toothbrush is also acceptable, provided the speed is moderate and the back of the brush doesn't hit the braces.

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Fluoride toothpaste or rinse suggested by your dentist will help to fight tooth decay. Patients may find excuses not to floss when they have braces on the teeth but once a day is mandatory. Other oral hygiene tools such as interdental toothbrushes are also available. It is a good idea to avoid sticky and hard foods such as chewing gum, caramel, chewy candy, nuts, and hard candy as they can harm the braces and wires.

Lack of proper oral hygiene will lead to decay in teeth and gum diseases. So evaluation of oral hygiene by your dentist and professional cleanings during regular check-ups are essential.

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