Tips For Managing The Occasional Orthodontic Discomfort


Tips For Managing The Occasional Orthodontic Discomfort

Do you have a plan if something unexpected happens while in braces? If not, this might be a good read to help you with some preparation tips. It also helps to know the difference between a minor issue that can wait until your next regular appointment and a more serious issue that you’ll want to be seen earlier to get you out of discomfort.


Common Orthodontic Discomfort

Some of the common setbacks patients experience with their orthodontic appliances include a bracket coming loose from a tooth, discomfort from something poking into the cheeks, lips, or gums, and toothaches.

  • If a bracket breaks loose, give Wermerson Orthodontics a call to schedule a comfort visit to replace the bracket. Leaving it until the next regularly scheduled appointment can interfere with your treatment plan and may even mean your braces removal day will get pushed back!
  • If a bracket or archwire is poking you, sometimes you can fix it at home by gently pushing the protruding part in with a pencil eraser so that it’s more out of the way. You can also use orthodontic wax to cover the uncomfortable spot. If it’s still an issue or if it’s giving you a lot of trouble, give Wermerson Orthodontics a call and we can recommend other steps to try at home or schedule a comfort visit with you.
  • In the case of general toothaches as the braces apply pressure to your teeth, this is usually temporary pressure (a few days), and you can manage it with over-the-counter painkillers and by swishing warm saltwater around in your mouth. If the pain remains or gets worse, it could be a more serious problem and you should contact Wermerson Orthodontics for us to evaluate.


What Qualifies as Major Orthodontic Emergency?

Most patients will never have to deal with a major orthodontic emergency, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared so that you know what to do if it happens. Here are the three major orthodontic emergencies:

  • Trauma to the mouth, teeth, or face that has broken off brackets or the wire from a fall or sports injury.  Often when this happens the first stop will be to the medical emergency room to check for any other trauma and your general dentist to fix any broken teeth that may have been caused by the accident.  Throughout the recovery process keep Wermerson Orthodontics informed so we can help with getting your orthodontic treatment back on track after all medical issues have been addressed.


Bring Us Your Questions and Concerns

It’s always a good idea to keep extra rubber bands and orthodontic wax handy so that you can quickly address minor issues.  Plan to keep our practice’s phone number in your contacts list should the need to ask a question arises. If you have any questions about how to deal with potential problems or emergencies, go ahead and give us a call today at 605-274-0555!


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