Virtual Consultation

In light of recent developments, we are now offering Virtual Visits to assist you with your Orthodontic needs. We have provided both a video and written guide to help you get started:

Descriptions for photos:

Before you begin taking these photos make sure that you have thoroughly washed your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. Repeat these hand washing procedures after you are done!

If possible ask your family member or close friend to help you take these photos (trust me it will be way easier).

Smiling Face:

Show us your best smile! (Make sure that you are biting together on your back teeth while you snap the picture). We want a picture of your whole face for this one!

Front Bite:

Use two fingers in the corners of your mouth to pull lips back to show all of your teeth. Bite together on your back teeth.

Right Side:

Using two fingers or a spoon pull back your right cheek (again biting all the way down on your back teeth). This will help us see how you teeth fit together (the farther you can pull back your cheek the better).

Left Side:

Repeat the same as the right on the left side.

Top Teeth:

Tilt your head back and open as wide as you can. Use your thumbs to pull back lips/cheeks away from your teeth. You’ll want to get as many of your upper teeth in the picture as possible.

Bottom Teeth:

Tilt your head down and open as wide as you can again and try to get as many of the bottom teeth in the picture as possible, holding your lips/cheeks down with 1 or 2 fingers.

Simply upload these photos and fill out this quick form below, Or text or email them to us at 605-274-0555, or [email protected] (if text or email please also include first and last name of patient).


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