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Patients with dental problems should see an orthodontist for consultation and proper treatment. Getting clear braces is one solution to correct dental issues. You may need clear braces if you have problems with the alignment of your teeth. Read further to know how clear braces work and whether you’re a good candidate for it. Feel free to contact our clinic for complimentary orthodontic consultation with our Sioux Falls orthodontist.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are orthodontic devices used to straighten teeth. They're also used to correct dental problems which include overlapped, crooked and crowded teeth. Compared with metal, clear braces aren't really noticeable, making them the ideal treatment for those who are conscious about their looks.

Although clear braces are usually made with ceramics. The treatment time will vary based on the condition of your teeth often taking up to 24 months, sometimes longer with more complex treatments. It’s also recommended to see your orthodontist every 2-3 months or as directed by your orthodontist for a thorough checkup of your clear braces. 

If your teeth are not aligned, cleaning them can be difficult. You can improve your oral health by getting in touch with an orthodontist. We may recommend you get clear braces to fix your dental problem and to make it easier for you to clean your teeth. 

Clear Braces vs. Metal: What's the Difference?

Clear braces and metal braces function the same: both devices are used to correct dental problems. However, the former is more expensive because of the materials used and how it's designed. Clear braces mostly have ceramic brackets, ensuring they closely match the color of your teeth. Traditional metal braces are more noticeable, but they are more durable than clear braces. To know which type of braces is right for you, contact an orthodontist near you. 

Are Clear Braces as Effective as Regular Braces?

While clear braces are just as effective as conventional braces, it may take a little longer to correct a dental problem because of the materials used. For patients with minor dental issues, you may expect to get faster results with clear braces. It may take longer if you have serious misalignment issues. 

It’s important to see the right orthodontist for a consultation. An orthodontist can check the overall condition of your teeth and recommend the best solution. They may also take into consideration your budget for the treatment and work with you for affordable payment options. Talk to us, so we can help you make an informed decision

Why Are Clear Braces Used?

Clear braces are used for patients with teeth alignment issues, including overbites, cross bites, underbites, gaps, overlapping or malocclusion. The braces don't just correct dental problems; they're also beneficial for boosting self-confidence. 

Additionally, clear braces can improve your overall dental health. If your crossbite isn’t treated, this could lead to tooth decay or cavities, and chipping and wear on the enamel. It can also affect your hygiene, as cleaning misaligned teeth can be challenging. When there’s pressure on the jaw because of the crossbite, this can also lead to headaches, shoulder and facial pain. 

Patients with an untreated overbite may start to have speech problems or gum disease. Chewing may also be difficult or painful. If you or a child needs help with teeth alignment, consult with an orthodontist right away for an evaluation. Depending on the problem, we may recommend clear or metal braces for adults and kids or other dental treatments. 

What Happens Before I Get My Clear Braces?

You need to see a dental specialist first for a dental checkup. A dentist or orthodontist will check your teeth to determine other issues that need to be corrected. For example, if you have tooth decay, the dentist may ask you to get a filling or a root canal treatment when the decay has reached the pulp. If you have gum disease, we may recommend either antibiotics or to effectively treat the problem. You need to treat other dental problems first before getting the braces or it may lead to other issues that may cost you more. 

In some cases, clear braces may not also be right for you, especially when you have serious dental problems. Our orthodontists at Wermerson Orthodontics are experienced and skilled. We'll recommend the best solution to treat dental problems and to help you get clear braces. 

How Are Clear Braces Placed?

The only difference between metal braces and clear braces is the materials used. They're attached or adjusted the same way. Make sure you practice good dental hygiene before your appointment to prevent problems. Avoid eating and drinking food with high sugar content to prevent tooth decay. Before getting fitted for the braces, we'll thoroughly check your teeth to ensure they're ready for clear braces. 

You can expect the entire process to be completed in about 1 or 2 hours. Although you may feel a little pressure, the process is painless. The first step is to attach the ceramic brackets to each tooth with a high-quality bonding adhesive or cement. Once they're set in place, the orthodontist will attach the wire, with a color that matches your natural teeth, into your back molars using the metal bands. The last step would be to add clear elastics to keep the wire in place. 

What Can I Expect After I Get Clear Braces?

You can return to your daily routine after getting your clear braces. However, your teeth may feel a little sore during the first few days. Don't worry, they're normal and you can minimize discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. You can talk to your orthodontist about which pain reliever is right to help you alleviate the discomfort. 

Follow the orthodontist’s recommendation on aftercare to avoid other dental problems down the road. Avoid hard or sticky food for they may damage or dislodge your ceramic braces. Watch your diet to avoid discoloration of your clear braces. Coffee, tea, tomato sauce and red wine may need to be avoided. If you smoke, consider quitting because it can lead to discoloration of your clear braces and teeth, and have a negative impact on your dental health. Also, make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly. Most importantly, visit your orthodontist regularly for appointments as directed by the orthodontist. Your braces will need to be adjusted regularly in order to progress with your treatment. Get in touch with us so we can discuss how our process works and what you can expect after getting your clear braces. What

What Are the Advantages of Clear Braces?

Compared to conventional metal braces, clear braces are much less noticeable, since the materials used closely match the color of your natural teeth. If you’re concerned about how you look when you smile with braces on, our orthodontists may recommend you get clear braces or see if clear aligners are a good option for you.

Do Clear Braces Break Easier Than Metal Braces?

Clear braces are just as effective as regular metal braces. As with all braces we advise you to strictly watch your diet to reduce the risk of your braces breaking. Check with your orthodontist on the type of food or drinks to avoid that may lead to your braces being damaged or discolored. Make sure you follow the aftercare advice, and make regularly scheduled visits to your orthodontist to ensure your clear braces are working as they should. 

Are Clear Braces More Expensive?

Some orthodontic clinics may charge more for the clear braces, however at Wermerson Orthodontics we do not charge more for clear braces as we do not want price to be your deciding factor over getting the braces you really want. 

Visit our orthodontic clinic so we can check on the condition of your teeth and recommend the best orthodontic treatment. We offer a free consultation at Wermerson Orthodontics. Call us today for an appointment.  

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